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The Top 10 Searched Motorcycle Categories of 2023

The Top Motorcycles of 2023

In the dynamic world of motorcycle sales, it is crucial for dealers to take advantage of the latest data on consumer preferences and plan accordingly for the upcoming year. 2023 saw significant growth in various motorcycle categories, presenting a perfect opportunity to explore which units won the hearts of consumers. To offer you some valuable insights, Cycle Trader is ranking the top 10 searched motorcycle categories on our marketplace in 2023, based on search volume.

  1. Cruisers

The cruiser category of motorcycles continued to be a highly sought after style due to its classic and timeless appeal. This is evidenced by the impressive 705.9M search results page impressions and 11.8M vehicle detail page views it garnered, making it the most popular bike style. This makes cruisers a great choice to advertise at your dealership as it continues to captivate a wide variety of riders.

  1. Sport Bikes

Sport bikes are highly sought after by those looking to experience speed and agility on the road. On Cycle Trader, searches for sport bikes generated 639.7M search results page impressions, and dealers who advertised sport bikes received nearly 700K connections, more than any other category. To ensure you appeal to thrill-seeking buyers, be sure to highlight the attractive qualities of your sport bike listings like speed, technical features, and performance-enhancing features.

  1. Touring Motorcycles

With the growing allure of long-distance rides, it comes as no surprise that touring motorcycles have garnered 509.5M search results page impressions and 7.9M vehicle detail page views on Cycle Trader in 2023. Whether you aim to tap into this thriving market or expand your existing reach, it is crucial to highlight storage capacity, fuel options, and any other pertinent details that would entice buyers, reassuring them that your dealership is the ultimate destination to embark on their next adventure.

  1. Standard Motorcycles

With their well-balanced design and incredible versatility, standard motorcycles continue to remain one of the top choices among riders. In 2023, standard motorcycles generated 445M search results page impressions and 6.2M vehicle detail page views, proving to be a profitable choice for dealers. Plus, this category has garnered the third highest number of connections for dealers on our marketplace, with over 477K. 

  1. Dirt Bikes

Off-road enthusiasts consistently fuel the popularity of dirt bikes in 2023. Our marketplace saw an impressive number of over 315M search results page impressions and 2M vehicle detail page views for this category. Including these exhilarating units in your inventory mix is an excellent way to attract thrill-seeking riders who crave the adrenaline rush of exploring the great outdoors.

  1. Dual Sport

There was a high amount of interest in the dual sport category as riders searched for motorcycles that could effortlessly tackle both on-road and off-road adventures. This enthusiasm generated 315M search result impressions and 2.7M vehicle detail page views, showcasing the immense excitement surrounding these versatile listings.

  1. Trikes

Up next on our list, trikes generated 208M search result impressions and attracted 2.6M vehicle detail page views for dealers listing on Cycle Trader. These three-wheel bikes have become a favorite among riders seeking a unique and comfortable option.

  1. Scooters

Scooters were another popular choice among consumers in 2023, generating 108M search result impressions and 1.5M vehicle detail page views. The practicality and versatility add to the appeal of scooters, making them a good choice for commuters and urban dwellers alike. Keep this in mind when determining your target audience for advertising. 

  1. Sport Touring Motorcycles

Sport touring motorcycles have gained a lot of attention from riders looking for a thrilling and comfortable ride in 2023. This type of motorcycle generated 80M search result impressions and 2.6M vehicle detail page views, showing how much potential there is in this market for capturing a broad set of customers.

  1.  Custom Motorcycles

With the capacity to showcase a rider’s personality and individual preferences, plenty of buyers find interest in custom motorcycles. This category made its way to number 10 on our list, receiving 951M search results page impressions and 8.6M vehicle detail page views this year. If you are a dealership that offers trade-ins, this preference can be a great advantage for you as it allows you to attract customers who are on the lookout for a unique unit compared to other models.

As dealers, it’s important to leverage these insights into the top motorcycle categories of 2023 to guide your inventory decisions and marketing strategies for the upcoming year. Whether you want to make sure you have enough supply of the most sought-after models or tailor your promotional efforts to highlight the features that riders love, staying in tune with these trends is essential for success in 2024 and beyond.

 If you’re looking for sales insights and tips, make sure to explore our dealer blog for the latest! 

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