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Cycle Trader’s Tips for Building and Sustaining a Winning Dealership Team

Building an all star team

Having a strong team is crucial for the success of any company, whether it’s a new dealership or an established one looking to expand. To achieve this, it is important to invest time and resources into hiring, training, and management. This will not only help you build an exceptional team but also retain talented employees who will grow with your dealership in the long run. To help, Cycle Trader is sharing the steps of creating a winning dealership team.

1. Ensure Detailed Job Descriptions

Just like creating a comprehensive listing to generate leads, it is essential to include all the necessary details in the job description to attract potential hires. This should provide a clear overview of the role, including tasks, required experience level, and any other relevant information. Additionally, the job post should outline the expectations for organization and task completion. By including these details, you can ensure that you attract qualified candidates and don’t miss out on any potential talent.

2. Standardize Your Interview Process

Conducting interviews is a crucial step for hiring managers, and having a standardized process is vital. This should include the number of interview rounds, who will be involved in the process, and the goals and expectations for each role. Don’t be afraid to be creative when developing interview questions, as this will provide unique insights into the applicant’s traits, experiences, and patterns that could be valuable for your dealership. The interview process should also reflect your company culture and give applicants an idea of what to expect if they join your team.

3. Invest In Quality Training for All Employees

While finding the perfect candidate who meets all the requirements is rare, you can allocate resources and time to train both current and new employees in your dealership. This will ensure that your team is constantly developing their skills in customer service and sales. Consider training in areas such as organizational networking, technology, and customer retention, as they are crucial for building strong customer relationships and shortening sales cycles. Remember, growth is the ultimate goal, so look for opportunities to maximize the potential of your employees.

4. Boost Efficiency with an Active Management Style

While every employee is responsible for their own work, providing ongoing guidance and support can lead to added success. Managers should meet with employees on a consistent basis, reviewing their activity levels and the quality of contacts for sales employees. Depending on the size of your dealership and the positions filled, it may be beneficial to have both one-on-one meetings with employees to understand their day-to-day activities and department meetings to assess overall productivity.

5. Rethink Your Employee Retention Strategy

Regularly assessing your employee retention strategies can help you understand what is working and identify areas for improvement. High turnover rates can disrupt workflow, damage customer relationships, and increase costs. By prioritizing the evaluation of your employee retention strategies, you can address employee issues and create a positive workplace. Satisfied employees lead to increased productivity. Ensure that your leadership team and human resources department consistently meet to discuss ways to reduce turnover and position your dealership for long-term success.

In leadership, it is important to remember that the effort you put in is what you will get out of it. Without a plan to nurture your employees’ career journeys, you may not achieve consistent results. However, by investing in the recruitment process, providing learning and development opportunities, and effectively managing your employees, you can build a loyal and successful team that will drive positive outcomes.

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