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Exposure & Conquesting
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Extend Your Brands Reach and Engage with Active In-Market Customers

Cycle Trader engages with potential buyers at every stage of the purchasing journey, guaranteeing optimal visibility for your units. Collaborate with us to elevate awareness of your brand’s value above that of your competitors.

Gain Access to a Wider Audience

TI Media harnesses the power of our extensive shopper data, enabling precise targeting where buyers shop while maximizing your ROI and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By understanding the Powersports audience, we know how to leverage different social channels to amplify messaging to attract new potential buyers, thus increasing brand visibility and brand awareness.

With a following of over 285k on social media, we know just what to say in order to help you attract new potential buyers, ultimately increasing brand visibility and awareness.
Who We Attract in the Powersports Industry

are Baby Boomers

are Male, 31% are Female

are Gen X

have children who are 25+ years old

Source: Cycle Trader Consumer Trend Report 2023
Drive Brand Awareness By Reaching Up To 266K Consumers
On-Site Branding

Beyond making sure dealers are listing your make/models on Cycle Trader, you can take advantage of our massive audience by displaying your brand in a number of locations on our marketplace.

Front and Center.

Place your brand directly on the homepage of Cycle Trader’s marketplace to target shoppers at the start of their search.

All Eyes. All the Time.

As shoppers scroll through listings on our search results page, your brand can be present in a sticky footer at the bottom of the page.

Low-Funnel. High Opportunity.

Consumers landing on a Vehicle Detail Page have a higher likelihood to convert. Strike while the iron is hot and reinforce your brand messaging.

Conquest Opportunities Abound.

High-funnel shoppers are likely not wed to a specific brand. Target your advertising to these shoppers to convince them why they should shop your make/models.

Off-Site Branding

Beyond making sure dealers are listing your make/models on Cycle Trader, you can take advantage of our massive audience by displaying your branding in a number of locations on our marketplace.

Custom Emails

Increase your reach and visibility by communicating with our entire list of consumers. They are a cost effective and time effective way to promote an upcoming event, showcase new models, or extend the reach of your campaign while enhancing the user experience.

Custom Drip Campaigns

Reach a highly-targeted audience of in-market consumers with your custom email message based on their search and viewing activity on our site. Nurture leads and increase engagement with your brand through drip email campaigns.

reach up to 30k highly-targeted consumers per month

Hot Deals

Engage dealers with a high likelihood to convert by sponsoring monthly Hot Deals emails, delivered to a national audience of buyers.

40% Average Open Rate
Collaborative Opportunities

Cycle Trader’s team of writers are consistently creating relevant and engaging content that inspires current or future cycle owners to get the most out of their unit and lifestyle. As the manufacturer of their next major investment, this is the perfect opportunity for you to position your brand as the thought leader in the space.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Keep your brand on top of mind with buyers by being included in consumer newsletters. Strengthen your relationship with customers across the board by building credibility and loyalty through newsletter communications.


Put your content in front of an engaged audience of buyers and enthusiasts with a guest post on one of our blogs. Increase visibility of your brand and establish a sense of credibility when you provide unbiased, reliable advice and information to dealers and buyers.