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Conduct Your Deals 100% Online with Cycle Trader

Buy Now is Cycle Trader’s newest way to complete deals, from start to finish, completely online. As more people are leaning on technology for everyday shopping, the online world is becoming commonplace for larger transactions. This presents the opportunity for your dealership to streamline your process while connecting with buyers nationwide. With the features included with this product, Buy Now will conveniently benefit you and your customers. 

The Benefits of Buy Now

Buy Now brings an advanced, valuable take on selling inventory. In addition to creating a fast, efficient process for your dealership, you gain a competitive edge in the industry by having a direct connection to a nationwide base of customers at the very moment they are ready to buy. This alleviates the need for multiple in-store visits, as the details the customer needs to make a final decision will already be accessible online. With this streamlined process allowing customers to purchase online, you can serve more customers and move more units in less time. This is a powerful advantage of Buy Now, as it increases profits and reduces overhead costs. Plus, this gives you back valuable time to focus on pursuing a larger quantity of rich, quality leads – all with the push of a button. It’s that easy!

How it Works

Once you get started with Buy Now, you’ll be able to easily access new features that allow you to enable online purchases for select units, manage your dealer profile, and receive leads from customers who show intent to purchase. From the time the customer starts the purchase journey to the final steps, you’ll receive real-time updates, allowing for a seamless process. This process also keeps your leads organized. Once the “Buy Online” feature is enabled on your selected units, consumers will be able to easily locate them with our search filters. After selecting a Buy Now unit for purchase, the customer can enter their personal details, add a trade-in if desired, select their delivery preference and preferred payment method. Lastly, the customer completes the deal online by signing a penny-accurate buyer’s order– inclusive of taxes and fees– saving you valuable time. All you have to do is follow up!

In addition to providing quality leads, Buy Now helps make communicating with customers more fluid and concise. Within the Buy Now process, customers can now add a trade-in directly to their deal and will receive an estimated valuation from our partnership with JD Power that can be applied to the customer’s deal in progress. Once the customer applies their trade, you will receive all the information you need to pursue the trade-in and close the sale.

With Buy Now providing the option to ship your units nationwide, this digital retailing experience can boost your dealership’s reach and exposure all from the convenience of your computer. You still have the option to engage with customers offline if they prefer to view the bike in person. However, 64% of our Cycle Trader audience say they prefer to conveniently buy a motorcycle 100% online and 22% are ready to buy immediately.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition and seize the advantages of innovative digital solutions, Buy Now is the perfect catalyst to propel your dealership into the future of motorcycle retailing. In an easy, low-effort process, you can maximize your profits while engaging with new and returning customers. Once you’re onboarded with Buy Now, you’ll have easy access to all of its beneficial features in TraderTraxx. Contact your Cycle Trader representative today or check out our Buy Now page to learn more about how you can get started!

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