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The richest leads possible. Faster closing. Reduced overhead. Cycle Trader’s Buy Now experience gives buyers the ability to find and purchase your used units in one seamless session. This streamlines your sales process and moves buyers through the purchase funnel faster and easier than ever before – maximizing your ROI!

List Online. Close Online.

Listing with Cycle Trader not only gives you access to a wealth of tools to captivate our 6.9 million average monthly visitors, but also unlocks the ability to close deals completely online with a fully digital, penny-accurate buyer’s order confirmation. Cycle Trader’s Buy Now experience guides users from discovery all the way through to signing, with a transaction model that is safe and secure for you, and for them.

64% of consumers are interested in purchasing a unit online.
Time is Money

Using Cycle Trader’s Buy Now experience to enable the “Buy Online” feature for your units gives buyers the opportunity to find vehicles within their budget, input all the relevant information required to purchase – including trade-in details, delivery or pickup preferences and payment type. These rich leads streamline the closing process with less time spent in conversation with your sales reps, which means less overhead for you.

You’re in control

TraderTraxx, the all-in-one management platform you know and love, allows you to maintain total control over the units you make available to purchase online. You can select eligible units individually, or do so in bulk, and set up specific purchase fees for preparation, document processing and handling. We bring you the buyer, you control the rest.

“It was the easiest deal we have done in a long time!”

Chad Thompson, Prime Motorcycles
Sanford, FL

Enriched Leads that Won’t Slip

Abandoned transactions are far from lost. All details up to the last step completed on the user’s end will be tracked and updated in real-time within TraderTraxx as they progress through the Buy Now experience. Those who do not complete the transaction online will also receive a re-engagement email soon after they leave to make sure they pick up where they left off!

How it Works:
  • Enable “Buy Online” feature on your listings
  • A consumer discovers your bike on and clicks the “Buy Online” button featured on the vehicle detail page
  • Entering the Buy Now experience, the buyer will fill in their personal information and details of their trade-in unit, if they have one
  • The buyer will then choose their preferred payment method (cash or financing,) select their desired method of unit delivery or pickup, and schedule a time to chat with you virtually or in-person to confirm all details
  • The buyer will complete an ID validation and then sign an online buyers order
  • Details of the order will be sent directly to you via email and will be found in TraderTraxx
  • You use the enriched lead data to finalize the sale!
Cycle Trader’s Buy Now Experience Makes Your Job Easier.
Safe, secure, and reliable
Powersports industry-first solution
Quick and easy to set up
Save time by closing faster
Save money with less overhead
Access to millions of
ready-to-buy consumers

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