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Summer Insights: Key Trends in Make and Model Searches

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As we hit the halfway mark of 2024, it’s crucial to strengthen your sales strategies to meet your targets. Now is the perfect time to align with consumer preferences as buyers are gearing up to act on the research they’ve been conducting throughout the year. To help you stay ahead, Cycle Trader has analyzed the data and identified the most popular makes and models of 2024 based on search volume. This invaluable information will provide you with the insights needed to attract potential buyers and increase visibility for your inventory.

1. Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Topping our list is the Harley-Davidson Street Glide, which has generated 48.7 million search results page impressions and 770.6k vehicle detail page views from potential buyers. This strong consumer interest, driven by the Street Glide’s powerful performance, distinctive style, and touring capabilities, has translated into significant engagement, making it a strong contender for capturing more motorcycle enthusiasts this year.

2. Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Coming in at number two is the Harley-Davidson Road Glide, which has attracted 46.5 million search results page impressions and 763k vehicle detail page views on the Cycle Trader marketplace. The Road Glide’s exceptional performance, distinctive style, and touring capabilities, has resulted in significant engagement, highlighting its strong appeal among buyers

3. Honda CRF

Ranked in third place is the Honda CRF, generating 39 million search results page impressions from eager shoppers. The CRF’s reputation for reliability, versatile performance, and off-road capabilities has captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts. While it didn’t make the top 10 for vehicle detail page views, its high placement on search results pages indicates significant sales potential, especially with additional exposure through ad enhancements..

4. Honda Goldwing

Honda’s GoldWing model shines with 31.5 million impressions on search result pages and 614.9k vehicle detail page views. This model captivates buyers seeking the pinnacle of luxury comfort, cutting-edge features, and unparalleled touring capabilities.

5. Yamaha YZF

The Yamaha YZF has captured  31.5 million search results page impressions and 653.5k vehicle detail page views. This model’s high performance, sleek design, and racing capabilities have generated significant consumer interest. Notably, it ranks third in vehicle detail page views among the top 10 models, showcasing a high level of buyer determination and engagement, and indicating substantial sales potential.


This year, the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide captured 29.5 million impressions on search results pages and 538.k vehicle details page views on our marketplace. The  popularity of the Electra Glide presents dealers with a golden opportunity to elevate their marketing strategies. By featuring the Electra Glide prominently in promotional materials, both online and in showrooms, dealers can tap into the growing interest and enthusiasm for this model. 

7. Harley-Davidson Softail

The Harley-Davidson Softail emerges as a true icon of the road, receiving 21.1 million search results page impressions and 446.8k vehicle detail page views. Emphasizing the Softail’s distinctive features, superior craftsmanship, and the unique lifestyle it embodies can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. Dealers should leverage various platforms, from social media to showroom displays, to highlight the Softail’s allure.

8. Harley-Davidson Road King 

The Harley-Davidson Road King has also dominated the digital landscape with  20.7 million search results page impressions and 505.6k vehicle detail page views in 2024 so far. For dealers, this level of interest presents a golden opportunity to leverage the Road King’s market appeal to its fullest potential. Highlighting key attributes such as its powerful engine, responsive suspension, and customizable features should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy. 

9. Kawasaki Ninja

The Kawasaki Ninja not achieved 18.2 million search results page impressions but also 326.8k vehicle detail page views. This model has become a beacon for riders seeking a blend of high performance, avant-garde design, and an undeniably sporty aesthetic. The Kawasaki Ninja represents an  opportunity to tap into a broader audience of motorcycle aficionados. Emphasizing its standout features in advertising efforts can significantly enhance its allure. 


Securing the tenth spot, the Suzuki GSX-R has caught the eye of motorcycle enthusiasts, with 18.2 million search results page impressions and 315.9k vehicle detail page views. This presents a golden opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge technology and craft a compelling story that resonates with potential buyers.

It’s clear that Honda and Harley Davidson have had a significant impact on the online powersports realm By using this data, you can focus on which specific models consumers are interested in purchasing. Don’t forget to explore our dealer education blog for more sales tips and insights.

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